Seduced by Flattery

Okay, Okay, I admit it.  I like reading people saying nice stuff about my work.

It might not come with a cheque, and I don’t get to ‘casually’ throw into conversations: ‘oh, you  might want to read my story being published in [insert magazine here] when it comes out in November’,  but it still works for me.

Anyone who’s been keeping up with this site – so far: me, and ‘keeping up with’ is perhaps generous -may have noticed a couple more links have been added to the Stories page.  Both of these go to, where I have been enjoying adding new stories.  I’ve had a number of comments on them, which have all been nice so far.  And I have to admit my ego is really appreciating it.

I’ve found the ‘Inspiration Point’ feature to be particularly useful.  The latest stories are works based on that.  It’s a weekly writing cue to inspire contributors.  The previous one was “guarded letters” which inspired my story “unguarded letters”, and the latest has been “divide the world” from which I came up with “fifty-fifty”.  And apparently there are people out there who seemed to like it.

I am working as well on editing a few more stories for (hopefully) publication.  All going well I hope to be submitting a couple of stories to Interzone and Black Static magazines in the next few weeks……


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