The Princess of Lilies

So, it turns out I did write the next Golwerra novel in November of 2020. Just finished it a couple of weeks ago. And indeed, it has been a while since I last wrote anything here. But – you’ve probably noticed – we’re living in interesting times these days.

The latest novel in the series is called the Princess of Lilies (or at least it is so far), and it follows and retells the story from the point of view of Saldrian’s wife Amberglild, telling her origin story, the Price of Blood from her point of view, and also carrying the story on a bit further. It’s kinda long at the moment – at least compared to The Price of Blood – at 200,000 or so words, but I imagine I will cut that back a bit when I move onto the editing stage.

In the meantime, I remain an editor for EDF, work in an office by day, and continue to be surrounded by cats.

I’m planning on shortly (in the next week or so) posting a novel I wrote last year as a serial on ABC tales. I’ve been calling it Webworld so far, but I’m not sure if I’m going keep that title.

And what to next? Well, I’m considering a romance novel for this November, and I’ve started some tentative work on a D&D module. We’ll see how those go…

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