And 2018 Begins a New Year

So once again I notice this: it’s been while since my last post. Since somewhere in the depths of 2016 there have been more stories, a couple of novels, some promised formatting that has gone undone. The weeds have grown, and while I hope some of them are wild and pretty, well… maybe they’re not.

NANO-WRIMO having been and gone, another novel has been added to the collection. A short novel this time that sits outside my usual style and genre – a romance entitled The Bakery Girl, in which a young man begins a tentative relationship with the woman at the bakery who always saves him the best muffins. Things become complicated by his own family dramas when he discovers his estranged sister is his new girlfriend’s flatmate. Not sure if or what I’ll do with this one as yet, being too short for most markets. Considering The People’s Friend Pocket Novel as a potential market option.

Indeed, while I continue to pursue my unrequited quest for professional publication, I take comfort in the few (non-pro) markets where I can continue to strut my stuff. ABC Tales (which didn’t, by the way, close down at the end of 2016) provides me with attention and confidence, along with Every Day Fiction and Flash Frontier. I remain hopeful of another story one day in 365 tomorrows. Small victories – like the cherries I’ve been getting on ABC Tales lately – make a big difference in this line of activity.

I made a New Year’s resolution this year: to self-publish online my novel of the working title: The Prisoner in the Tower. I intend to embark any day now on the third round of editing. I wish myself luck.

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