Tweet, Tweet; Wattpad; and ABC Tales

I notice it has been a while since I last posted anything on this site. And I see the site is a little behind the times as well – like an untended garden, with weeds of odd formatting and ill-advised layout overwhelming the flowers of content. Too much? Okay. But I have let things go a bit here, and I do plan to do a few fix-ups, some reformatting (with the help of my beloved tech-support) and set up some links to a number of stories I’ve written since I last posted.

In other news: I have just completed a story on a site called wattpad. It’s a site I found as a result of some comments made on the Every Day Fiction facebook page. The site looked pretty tidy, so I wrote a story, made a cover, and started publishing little chapters. The problem I’m having is that nobody’s reading it. And I’m not completely sure why. When I first joined ABC tales all I had to do was post the story, and there it was in the “New” menu, people were reading it, commenting on, even giving it cherries. All very encouraging. But on wattpad I haven’t figured out how to find the story beyond searching for it directly – adding comments, tags, a tweet have all so far failed to see it show up amongst the other stories. Is the site just very large? Am I missing something…?

So help me out here:

First tweet. That happened today. As mentioned above, tweeted the completion of my story (These Words That Describe Melissa) in the hope that it would cause it to appear amongst the other “undiscovered” but “completed” stories. No luck. But still, twitter finally used for its intended purpose, so box ticked there I guess.

In other, other news. I’ve learnt that that great favourite of mine, ABC Tales, may be closing down at the end of the year. This is like when they discontinued my favourite pizza crackers, and my favourite pasta sauce. What does it say about me that my preferred foods and flavours don’t seem to stick around…? But anyway, this is a sad event, as the website has now published 100 of my stories, people have read them, said stuff about them, and once even clicked on the link to this blog. They’re looking for somebody to take over the site, so there’s hope, and I continue to post stuff there. It’s just that I think I may have to start broadening my horizons and searching for new places to seek attention…

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