Harder than it Looks

So, yesterday I submitted a story to a market in the UK.  Sounds simply enough, right?  Only problem, the market was one of the few that takes only snail mail applications.  Still, fine.  They wanted a SSAE to accompany the submission.  No problem.

Until I reached the post office.  I have recently learned that you can no longer buy an internation reply coupon – that in fact such things have not been used for about six months.  Also, the post office don’t sell foreign currency postage.  Might I be able to get the recipient to pay for return postage and then reimburse them…?

Okay, well thanks to Google (and Tech Support/Admin Support – my husband) we were able to learn the correct postage.  Across the road from the mall the stamp dealer still sells british stamps ‘for postage’ and seemed only mildly surprised by the request.

It’s on its way as we speak.  All in a day’s work.  But it does beg the question: is this how things are done now?   Surely there should be an easier way…..

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