A new day begins.  It’s late spring, the trees are green, there’s a light breeze out there, and the sun is at least considering shining.

It’s November the first.

Time to write me a novel.

National Novel Writing Month: this phenomenon began in the late 1990s in San Francisco with 21 participants, and fifteen years later and now boasts over 300,000.  We begin on November 1st, and by the stroke of midnight, November 30, will have written 50,000 words.  It’s that simple.  If that’s your idea of simple.  Sounds like fun?  Then check out the link below for more information:


This is my first year undertaking this project, and I’m not really sure how it’s going to go.  I have a novel in mind, it’s working title is “The Wolf in Me.”  It’s about a young man grappling with his dark side, his inner demons, his need for redemption.  It is about the child of a far distant world, stranded, cut off from all but threads of memory.  It is about those dark forces that roam at night, conjured in equal part from far away, and painfully near.  It is boy meets girl.  It’s about friendship.  Love.  Loss.  Sacrifice.

Or at least that’s the plan so far…..


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