Short and to the Point

I have just (okay, a couple of days ago, but I hadn’t gotten around to blogging about it) submitted a few stories to a site I’ve discovered called ‘Specklit’

Specklit is a great site, with very exacting criteria.  A Fantasy/Sci-fi flash fiction site, they have a word limit of exactly one hundred words. No more, no less.

I’ve submitted eight (very) short stories, and await the results.

Whether or not I’m successful with these ones, I have to say that I recommend the exercise: having to edit a story to exactly 100 words makes you think quite carefully about every one you use, and allows you to surprise yourself with how much you can cut out when you have to.  Which is a big thing for me, because as anyone paying attention to my stories (somebody out there, somewhere, anyone…..?) knows, one of the main challenges I have with writing is in getting to the point.

So the point: check out Specklit, this writing process can lead to some interesting results.  And watch this space (or rather that space) – because you never know, one or two of my stories may show up there someday.

Nb: after writing these “drabbles” – as the site likes to call them, I went back over one my failed submissions to another market and edited it from a bit over 2000 words to about 1300.  So maybe I’m onto something here.

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