Monthly Archives: December 2019


But wait, you say, it’s December already.

Well, yes it is. But back in November – you know, yesterday – I embarked upon another year of NANO WRIMO. My story this year was a short novel about a couple – young and newly in love in 1987, and older, facing a cancer diagnosis in 2019. The idea was for the older version of this couple to be returning to a cabin they first holidayed in when they were young, with the narrative jumping between the 80s and the present.

It didn’t go too badly, I don’t think, but I encountered a new (first world) problem this year: story finished, with a couple of thousand words still short. I decided it was probably not cheating to start up a short story, set in the same small town, and incorporating events from the little novel, which at the moment is still being called First and Lasts, but a formal title yet to be settled on.

Next year: it might be time to write volume two of the Golwerra chronicles? Maybe?