Monthly Archives: October 2018

Why isn’t Anybody Reading It?

So.  This e-book.  The Price of Blood.  Book One of the Golwerra Stories.  Why isn’t anybody reading it?.

I was a good little author, I wrote, I edited, I edited again, I researched publishing ebooks, I checked my novel for errors and inconsistencies, I created a cover, I published the thing.  I did my bit.  But where are all the readers eager to fork over their $US3.00 to read it?.

Since publishing my ebook, a couple of months ago, it has been bought by a grand total of two people (one of them is my  husband, just making sure it works) and the other one…?.

You know you don’t even have to pay money for it.  If you belong to “Kindle Unlimited” you can borrow it and I still get paid for whenever you read a page (so flick through the whole thing, even if it sucks)..

So what have I learned from this?  Not regrets.  I’ll do it again.  But it does appear that marketing is key – my few links from stories on ABC Tales, and a tweet about its existence don’t appear to be sufficient.  So next step: coming up with a marketing strategy that works….