Monthly Archives: September 2018

The E-Book

Okay, so you may not know it, but this has been a long time coming.

Perhaps somebody out there has been reading my occasional notes regarding the editing of this book. Well, at last, it’s here. The Price of Blood (Book One of the Golwerra Stories) has finally made its way on to Amazon.

It’s taken a bit of doing, from the writing (started about ten years ago) to the editing, to the cover art, to the navigation of KDP to the eventual hitting of the little Publish button.

This is a fantasy novel, set in the fictional kingdom of Golwerra, where a young nobleman, Saldrian Larrancost, awaits execution for the (mostly) crimes of his family. It’s about his friendships with the king, with the servant who brings his meals, with a woman who comes to the well beneath his window and is not all she seems; also about his wife, his cousins, the kingdom and the civil war being fought for it. And yes, this is book one, it’s my hope that books two, three and four will follow in its wake. So keep watching…

So has anybody bought this book yet? Maybe you’d like to be the first…? Anybody…? Anybody at all…?

Ah, well…


Or to be more exact. Bonsai: Best Small Stories from Aotearoa New Zealand.

This book of about 200 short stories has just come out in the shops. I’ve been waiting a couple of years.

But to begin at the beginning. Flash Frontier. Best known as one of the few sites that will actually accept any of my work. Three stories published there: The Great Race; Treasure Chest; Memories. A couple of years ago the good people at Flash Frontier decided to create an anthology, and The Great Race was among the stories selected.

Time passed. And then the book launch was scheduled for September 2. Some speakers, a few readings, a photo, and some snacks. A good crowd attended, and there were plenty of copies floating around. And now those are out in the world. So check them out. Particularly page 113; you definitely want to check that out.