Monthly Archives: December 2015


Well, here it is, the new year, dawning a bright, sunshiny, summer’s day.

Perhaps you will recall my last post – NaNo-WriMo 2015 – the novel I hoped to update this site with progress reports on, but which I realistically suggested I would probably not actually do.  Well, I seem to have proved myself right on that account. But a successful 50K was reached, and the story continues.  An innocent girl in the court of an ancient and powerful king; along with a childhood friend, seeking to know the world better; even as the great families of the realm compete to make their daughter the next Moon Queen; even as her own family becomes increasingly embroiled in the ugly side of politics, marriage, magic, blackmail.

The story has been surprisingly docile so far, taking off on few of its own tangents, and contentedly following the basic plot structure I started out with.  Perhaps that’s a good thing, perhaps not.  Sometimes the best stories have a mind of their own and demand a whole other direction.  That’s good.  If they want that, I let them have it.  If in this case the story and its originally conceived plot continue in harmony, then my hope is that this can be a good thing too.

2015: not a bad year.  Another couple of stories published thanks to the outstanding editors at 365 Tomorrows and Every Day Fiction, plenty more stories written, a novel finished, another one started.  The professional markets are still shying away from my work, but an occasional positive comment or the knowledge that a story made it past the first round of voting or out of the slush pile allows me to cling to a thread or two of hope.  And I look back ten years: I think maybe – somehow – what I write has been improving.

2016: the time for New Year’s Resolutions.  What do I hope to achieve this year?  I’ve told myself for a number of years now that I will be indie-publishing one of my novels on Amazon – and it is still my intention – I have one partly edited, and the plan is to have it there by the end of the year.  Keep watching as well for the short novel/novella that I intend to serialise on ABC tales in the next few months.  Written but not yet edited.  I’ll be doing a few more rounds of submissions as well, maybe adding a few more markets to my core ones.  Will also branch out a bit more in visual artiness.

At least, that’s the plan……