Monthly Archives: March 2015


So, I’ve decided to take a break from writing this novel.  You might remember the one: The Wolf In Me – the great inaugural NaNoWriMo project, which is still a work in progess.  At about 140K, ten chapters, with probably two chapters and an epilogue to go.  All signs are that it will at least (eventually) be completed.  And that’s a good thing: some years ago now I was struggling to finish the novels I started and several were left in the middle, after deciding there was no point in throwing good time after bad – if I can’t dredge up the enthuisiasm, how can an imaginary reader?  Since those days I’ve completed two short novels, and this one will be the third.

Am I tempting fate then, taking a couple of weeks away at the end of chapter 10?  I think and hope not, but I have been in the mood lately to brainstorm some ideas, to write a few short stories.  Well, a new short story appears on ABC Tales, called Spring Where You Are (feel free to follow the link).

I think there is just something very satisfying about posting a story.  And I like to think that it’s more than vanity.  No doubt in the world but that I like to get some praise, a few positive comments to soak my ego in.  But more than that, it gives writing a point.  I don’t need to find myself wallowing in the self-pity of why-do-I-even-bother-when-no-one-is-ever-going-to-read-this-anyway; the readers are no longer imaginary.  Some people write for themselves, for the sheer joy of writing – they are awesome, centred, psychologically adjusted people.  Me: I like to think that somebody out there is being communicated with.

Or do I just like signing up for stuff?  10,000 steps to take, 3.2 more kg to lose; 1667 words to write today.