Monthly Archives: September 2014

Much, much later….

Okay, so it seems it’s been six weeks or so since I last wrote anything here.


I suppose it must have been because I’ve been lazy – busy – did I say lazy?.  Or perhaps rather than imitate art, life has more a tendency to get in its way.

When we last left our intrepid heroes….. I had just set out to do a round of editing on “The Prisoner in the Tower” – not renamed as yet.  That first round of editing is completed now, I’ve cut a few scenes out, as well as parts of scenes, shaving about 5000-ish words off the total.  I think a chunk somwhere in the middle was repeating a lot of what I’d covered earlier.  So good riddance to those bits.

I started writing in diary form, which I strayed away from here and there as the story progressed.  This has also tended it towards a patchwork of tenses.  I toyed with the idea of using present tense for the main thread of the story, and reverting to past tense for the flashbacks, but in keeping with the diary-entry format the main thread has ended up employing both past and present tense, much (I hope) as it would read if the protagonist had written it over the course of his imprisonment.

I was also able to correct a few errors with names and hair colours and so forth, but will probably need a few more round of editing to make sure I have family connections, numbers of siblings, compass directions etc behaving consistently.  I can only assume there are many other mistakes that I’ve missed and will continue to miss.

At this stage, I think I’ll return to that story sometime next year, when it’s had time to settle in my head, and I can read it fresh again.  In the meantime, you may have noticed a new link to a new story “Under the Bed” – so I haven’t been completely idle.  Also, this is a side affect of having a website: 500 or so emails are sitting in my inbox right now all supposedly pertaining to one of my blog entries but in fact having more to do with selling me stuff.

Sorry guys, not buying.