Monthly Archives: July 2014

Latest Project

I notice in passing that I haven’t been very successful in keeping up to date with this blog.  So, before I forget how to….

My latest writing project is a return to a short novel I wrote in 2010/2011.  Its working title, The Prisoner in the Tower, will probably have to change into something a little more interesting – and hasn’t that one been taken anyway? – if I ever decide to do anything with it.  It’s a short novel of 116,000 words, in a fantasy setting, about a nobleman man condemned largely for the actions of his family, awaiting his execution in a prison cell.  The story delves into his friendship with the young king who ordered his exectuion; with his wife; with a servant (this part wasn’t intended from the beginning, but the kid just sort of wormed his way in there); and with a common woman who is – probably unwittingly – far more than she seems.  There are three sequels that could potentially follow on from this, taking up the story in the viewpoint of other characters.

But first things first.  Having read over the story and made up a scene list, I can see where there are scenes I could cut.  There’s also a lot that is less clear to me reading it now than it was when I first wrote it – and even less clear of course to any potential reader.  So some of that’ll have to go.  I think the basic structure is probably going to remain the same, although it seems a bit slow in some places, so I’ll have to consider more drastic changes when I see what effect cutting some of the scenes has.

And what am I going to do with it?  Maybe nothing.  Probably nothing.  I’m toying a little bit with the idea of putting it on Amazon as an e-book and just seeing what happens, but I’m not sure if it’s the story for that, or even if I’m the writer for that.  Time will tell, I guess.