Monthly Archives: June 2014

Seduced by Flattery

Okay, Okay, I admit it.  I like reading people saying nice stuff about my work.

It might not come with a cheque, and I don’t get to ‘casually’ throw into conversations: ‘oh, you  might want to read my story being published in [insert magazine here] when it comes out in November’,  but it still works for me.

Anyone who’s been keeping up with this site – so far: me, and ‘keeping up with’ is perhaps generous -may have noticed a couple more links have been added to the Stories page.  Both of these go to, where I have been enjoying adding new stories.  I’ve had a number of comments on them, which have all been nice so far.  And I have to admit my ego is really appreciating it.

I’ve found the ‘Inspiration Point’ feature to be particularly useful.  The latest stories are works based on that.  It’s a weekly writing cue to inspire contributors.  The previous one was “guarded letters” which inspired my story “unguarded letters”, and the latest has been “divide the world” from which I came up with “fifty-fifty”.  And apparently there are people out there who seemed to like it.

I am working as well on editing a few more stories for (hopefully) publication.  All going well I hope to be submitting a couple of stories to Interzone and Black Static magazines in the next few weeks……


Alien Interviews

If you’ve been reading this website – somebody, anybody….. – then you may have noticed that there’s a new story been posted called Alien Interviews (go check it out on the stories page, it’s there).

When you click on this link, rather than going to another page on this website, with my ‘cool’ title ‘artwork’ it goes to another site altogether:  This is my first foray into using “free-to-internet, publish-what-you-like” (terms I think I made up) websites.  And I have to say that I’ve been fairly happy so far.  Thirty-eight people have read my story last I checked (and only three of them were me checking the layout etc), there have been two comments, both saying nice stuff, and although I couldn’t find out exactly what the cherries mean I think they might be a good thing.

Abc Tales seems like a good site: you keep all rights (relatively standard) and it looks fairly well-organised.  There’s plenty of genre categories, as well as competitions and regular themes (under the heading “Inspiration Point”) and since one of the nice people who wrote comments said I should post something again soon, maybe I will…….