Monthly Archives: May 2014

Am I a Real Writer Now?

So what is the milestone at which you decide you can consider yourself a real writer?  Completion of your first story?  Completion of a first novel?  Maybe it’s the first thing you submit for publication?  Or does only publication itself (I hope not) count?

Got my first couple of rejection letters recently – one the day after the other – from Beneath Ceaseless Skies and Apex magazine.  Not that they should come as a surprise or anything – how many writers get the first thing they submit published?  Was still a tiny bit hopeful when I saw the emails in my inbox though.

I think this is the milestone (at least for now) that I’m going to say separates the amateur from the would-be professional.  Now I can say that I think I’m finally doing this for real.

Cats and Dogs

So Pavlov’s dogs vs Schrodinger’s cat has turned out to be a piece of flash fiction of 795 words about a couple of scientists exprementing with controlling dogs by stimulating their brains.  The stimulus sounds somewhat like a bell, and salivating is one side effect.  They want to catch the cat – and eat it – but when they all race into an alley, out of the view of cameras, who knows if the cat’s alive or dead?